3D Laser Scanning

Fleetway has been employing scan technology since 2008 to generate extremely accurate renderings of objects in a short period of time.  High definition laser scanning has been used by Fleetway to produce a simple stand-alone measurable 3D ‘point cloud’ image or provide a baseline ‘point cloud’ image that is then used to develop an accurate as-fitted 3D model of the target object or space.  The set-up time is short, the laser is safe for people to operate, the images are detailed and accurate, the scan time is in minutes and the detailed scan results in TruView 3D can be instantaneous transferred to the engineering or production office for use or assessment.

Fleetway has used 3D laser scanning extensively to assist in the design work for the Navy Frigate Modernization project.  Complex compartments, such as the operations room and the machinery control room were scanned from several positions in order to capture the information from deck to deck-head.  Fleetway then built 3D digital models that were used to develop the design change specification and also available for use with the Virtalis 3D VR system.


Virtual Reality 3D Engineering

Virtual Reality (VR) has become a vital tool that is being used in the design process of maritime and other mechanical and electrical systems

Concept Design, Design Integration & Drafting Services

Fleetway takes pride in our ability to understand your needs and vision, and translate them into a Concept Design.


Fleetway offers a comprehensive range of naval architecture, marine and electrical engineering services that will meet your needs from initial development and design to implementation through in-service support, to disposal.