Maintenance System Development

Proven experience and dedicated tools

Fleetway has the proven experience and dedicated tools to analyze your maintenance requirements and develop a fully functional maintenance strategy and plan.

Whether you prefer periodic, condition-based, reliability-based or a combination of all three, Fleetway has the capability and proven track record to produce the maintenance structure that best suits you situation.

Fleetway routinely employs level of repair analysis techniques to determine the best approach and produces recommendations that lead to the development of preventive and corrective maintenance specifications, performance tests, special tools and test equipment requirements and spares holding levels.

Fleetway has undertaken a major maintenance system review for the Canadian Navy that is assessing the existing maintenance process, re-scaling the frequency, moving from periodic to condition or reliability based and developing an overall program that will reduce maintenance costs by 30% while maintaining availability. This expertise and experience, across mechanical, electrical and electronic systems can be utilized to suit your maintenance system assessment needs.

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