Repair and Overhaul Management

Saving you time and money

Repair and Overhaul of your equipment may not be a core capability, but for Fleetway it is a well developed skill-set. Having managed the Department of National Defense's miscellaneous RMR Repair and Overhaul program for over six years, Fleetway has the resources and infrastructure that can be applied to your needs.

Fleetway maintains a secure and environmentally controlled warehouse fitted with certified material handling equipment and licensed operators. We also maintain an inventory of proven suppliers whose track record of turnaround times and quality of work is constantly monitored by our R&O staff.

Our staff also has the capability to conduct repair/discard assessments based upon the customer's unique specifications, ensuring that time and money is not wasted on items that are irreparable.

Talk to Fleetway’s R&O staff - we could save you time and money and allow you to concentrate on your core business.

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