Configuration Management and Control

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Bringing you all the benefits of over 25 years of experience, Fleetway has played a leading role in the Configuration Management of complex design projects and their supporting technical and contractual documentation.

Fleetway is unique in that it practices Configuration Management (CM) for both engineering design and for technical documentation. As a result, Fleetway understands that the configuration of equipment/systems and its associated technical data are key to your success in system availability.

Fleetway has the experience, resources and facilities to manage large volumes of data, and to provide drawing management, publication management and technical data services, including reproduction and translation.   Whether used for procurement or maintenance, having access to the most up-to-date data can mean the difference between project success and technical confusion.

Fleetway’s state of the art CM software tools provide our customers with the security of safe storage of their information while enabling Web access to information. Additionally, our off-site Disaster Recovery back-up approach ensures the safety of your data.

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