Virtual Reality 3D Engineering

Virtual Reality (VR) has become a vital tool that is being used in the design process of maritime and other mechanical and electrical systems. Fleetway, through an exclusive partnership with Virtalis, a world leader in VR systems, has brought this innovative engineering technology to the Canadian market to help companies efficiently prototype and review designs. The resulting effect is a significant reduction in the need for costly and wasteful physical models.  The initial benefit of this 3D immersive VR is the ease of conversion where most common 3D models (AutoCAD, MicroStation, Aviva, etc) can be converted within seconds thus allowing engineers and designers to validate their work and immerse themselves in the 3D design.  The 3D immersive rendering allows for the inclusion of dynamic inputs (door swing, video inputs), maintenance envelops, and interference assessments.  While immersed in the Virtalis VR, operators can move equipment or furniture, verify clearances (headroom, passageways, protruding items), and virtually go inside objects which in reality is impossible.  Fleetway currently has a fixed system (12 feet wide by 8 feet tall) installed in the Ottawa office, and also has a portable unit which provides considerable flexibility for our clients.

3D Laser Scanning

Fleetway has been employing scan technology since 2008 to generate extremely accurate renderings of objects in a short period.

Concept Design, Design Integration & Drafting Services

Fleetway takes pride in our ability to understand your needs and vision, and translate them into a Concept Design. 


Fleetway offers a comprehensive range of naval architecture, marine and electrical engineering services that will meet your needs from initial development and design to implementation through in-service support, to disposal.